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SelfiePartyPrints for Business

SelfiePartyPrints are here to offer you a unique service that isn’t being offered by anyone else on the market. It is a solution that will expand your business whether you are trying to launch a product from a small shop to a large shopping centre or even an exhibiting at an exhibition, especially if you have an engaging exhibit where people would want to take selfies.

We understand that it can be time consuming and costly to promote your business and this is where SelfiePartyPrints comes into play.

Your customers will take a selfie with your service or product, SelfiePartyPrints will enable the pictures taken to be printed an instant wirelessly, but not only that the picture is stored for viewing later,and the ability to sharing across social media is also done in an instant, drawing more public interest for you and drive targeted traffic to your website. SelfiePartyPrints will be the face of your marketing, encouraging customers to use social media, but they will also have a printed keep sake which can be branded with logos and key messages.

The UK’s population is over 65 million, with a massive 92.6% of us having access to the Internet.
Social media usage is through the roof, with over 38 million active social media users in 2016, which is 63% of the entire population this is growing even more in 2017.
24 billion selfies were uploaded to Google last year.
As a nation we take 1 million selfies every day.
Plus only 2% of selfies only ever get printed!
The selfie market is booming and companies can use selfies to their advantage to help boost their sales or make their brand more known.
In 2016 Instagram reported it had 14 million monthly active users in the UK.
91% of brands are using more than one social media platform.
70% of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook.
Millenials (also known as Generation Y) dedicate one hour a week to selfies and with their population taking the most selfies, there are around 13.8 million of them alone in the UK.

With selfies becoming more popular and all social media seeing ground breaking uploads each day, it’s time to take advantage of selfies and use them to help your business with the help of SelfiePartyPrints.

You need a selfie marketing business campaign to make your brand or service known and SelfiePartyPrints are the company to help you do this.

✅ Eliminate having a costly Business Development team.
✅ Get instant social media sharing
✅ Immediate digital prints available for your customers after they have taken the selfie which can be branded with logos or key messages
✅ Get instant freebies for all customers in the form of a photo with your logo on the template so your customers are a walking advertisement as they admire their prints and attract other potential customers to have a go too
✅ Obtain all selfies form all different mobiles in one place for you and the customer to views, download and share
✅ Help you understand your customer’s needs. You will immediately see the demographics of customers who are likely to buy your brand and this can open up a whole new world for you. It will give you ideas of where next to launch an event based on age and gender.
✅ Increase your brand awareness around the UK and beyond.
✅ Help you reach a new target audience.
✅ Test the success of your brand awareness to see how many people have hit your website or even how many followers you get on social media.

At any event our staff will be on hand to ensure that all customers will understand how to download SelfiePartyPrints application, how to share the photo onto social media, we will additionally hand them the selfie photo’s and make the photos viewable instantly on a big screen. So the hard work is done by us to drive the best results and ensure your campaign is a success.

Stand out in a crowd, be different, be engaging.

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