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DIY selfie booth

One of the main things that draws people to The Photo Team is that we provide a broad
range of photography services, rather than just one or two. It is guaranteed that we can
provide you exactly what you need. We are proud to be launching our new service called
SelfiePartyPrints. This is a diy selfie booth so no photographer will be insight unlike our other
photography services. The diy selfie booth will be very easy to use with the power in the
hands of the people using the selfiepartprints app. SelfiePartyPrints can be booked for any
event and for all age groups. If you have a smartphone then all you need to do is download
the SelfiePartyPrints app by visiting the diy selfie booth at the event, taking your own selfies
and coming back to the SelfiePartyPrints hub to receive free selfie photos.
So, if you are in need of something different and that will take up very little space then
contact us knowing that we’ll be able to provide exactly what you need. As well as offering
this brand new service do not forget we offer professional photography services as well as
our Open Photo Booths and Events Paparazzi service. Don’t hesitate to contact us today
and find out more about for our diy selfie booth.
Selfie photo booth diy
All of our photographers across the Photo Team learn and expand their knowledge and think
of all avenues that photographers can be used with the latest technology. By booking
SelfiePartyPrints you are guaranteed to be provided a selfie photo booth that is diy and
photography that is in the public’s hands so they can take photos as they choose. The diy
selfiebooth keeps the guests happy by putting them in control of the types of selfies they like
and what photos they would appreciate as print outs, choosing who they want in the photos
and even the background setting that they want captured. This is made even simpler by the
fact that our equipment is high tech and advanced to be able to cope with the volume of
selfie prints at the diy selfie booth. Nothing will phase the team at SelfiePartyPrints and all
team members will fully brief each person getting involved.
DIY selfie photo booth
To find an exceptional and unique service and to know more about our diy selfie photo booth
or for information on our diy selfie booth service, get in touch. Contact SelfiePartyPrints
today on 0800 689 1001 or get in touch online.

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