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Event selfie stations

When you are looking to host an event to help promote your brand or new product then there
are a few questions you should ask before deciding what to do. These include:

  • Do you want a unique event that will keep your competitors on their toes?
  • Do you want to book an event that will offer competitive pricing?
  • Will the company meet your needs and requirements?
  • Will you be able to reach a wide network of people who will be more aware of your

When it comes to Selfie Party Print’s event selfie station, the answer to all of these questions
is, yes! Event selfie station is an excellent way to experience something new on the market.
Whether you are a small shop, shopping centre or exhibition we can help you promote
whatever you are trying to sell by doing the following:

  • Asking people to download the Selfiepartyprints at our event selfie stations.
  • Asking the public to take selfies with the product or brand.
  • Sharing the photos on social media and hashtagging away your brand/product name.
  • As a thank you providing selected photos as a keepsake.

In short, when you come to SelfiePartyPrints to help your business grow we are able to
provide exactly what you need. This is regardless of the type of business you run.

Selfie station at events
As a highly trained, experienced and motivated team we at The Photo Team have created a
new service called SelfiePartyPrints. This selfie station at events will help boost up your
social media ranking and followers, by the public being able to share your business on
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Selfies are enjoyed by billions of people so what better
than to provide a simple to use service and providing personalised template prints to people.
It will get people talking especially if you are running a campaign and will instantly bring a
flock of people to the event selfie stations.
So trust us with your campaigns and product launches and see what impressive results we
can bring. So, whether you’re a large corporation that everyone knows or a small startup
that’s just finding their feet you are guaranteed a professional, high quality and friendly
service with our very own selfie station at events.
You can find out more about what SelfiePartyPrints do by browsing our website. If you are
unsure of how we can expand your business or what to expect, we can help. Just get in
touch and speak to a member of SelfiePartyPrints. Contact us today on 0800 689 1001.
Alternatively, send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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