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Kids Selfie booth

SelfieParty prints by The Photo Team understand how difficult it can be to arrange a themed
children’s party year on year. So much thought needs to go into the venue, the number of
children to invite, the party bags and before you know it the cost accumulates. If you are
struggling to find something unique at an affordable price that both the other children and
parents will be in envy of then look no further than providing a kids selfie booth through
SelfiePartyPrints. It is not only easy for adults to use but children as well. With 90% of two
year olds knowing how to use tablets and a smart phone it goes without saying that children
under the age of 12 will definitely know how to take a selfie. Let the kids take control with
SelfiePartyPrints and let them be entertained by taking the best selfies and ensuring they
have an additional goody in their party bags in the form of a photo. The children will never
get tired.
Kids selfie photo booth
With generation Y spending 5 hours a week taking selfies the kids selfie photo booth will be
an easy activity for children of all age groups to understand. We can download the selfie app
for them by using their parents phone and they can take endless photos which
SelfiePartyPrints will automatically receive at a central hub. The kids then get to choose their
favourite photo by visiting our kids selfie booth and we print the photo for them. You will see
how they will not get bored as they will be taking selfies with class mates, family and friends.
Selfie booth kid size
If you are worried about the space that SelfiePartyPrints will need then you be not be. We
only need a small selfie booth kid size in the dimensions of a table that can fit a laptop and
printer. There will be no wires for children to trip up on as everything will be connected
wirelessly. You can even book us for an adult party just to keep the children entertained and
not get under anyone’s feet, we can be the perfect alternative to the traditional entertainment
by providing you with a kids selfie booth.
Selfie photo booth for kids
The kids selfie booth will be the talk of every class room and party and all the young ones
will ask for the selfie photo booth for kids for their next birthday. So do not disappoint them
and call SelfiePartyPrints for more information, on 0800 689 1001 or even filling in our online
booking form.

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