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Party Selfie Station

Arranging a big party can be stressful especially when you have no idea how to entertain
your guests. You need something that will cover all age groups and will be provided for a
duration of time without guests getting bored. We At The Photo Team have found a unique
idea in a form of a service called SelfiePartyPrints. If you are looking for a one stop party
entertainment then speak to us at SelfiePartyPrints and we can provide you with a party
selfie station. Whether it be for a milestone birthday, barmitzvah, baby shower, wedding,
corporate event or an anniversary this service is a must have for any party.
We have various packages to suit your needs and budgets so contact us today to find out
more by emailing, calling 0800 689 1001 or even filling in our
online booking form.
Party selfie booth
Our party selfie booth is fun, interactive, takes up little space and is easy to use. Let Selfie
PartyPrints provide a unique party selfie station for guests to use their own smartphones,
download the selfie app and take selfies. Their favourite photos are then printed by us and
can also be shared on social media. Regardless of the package you choose, as a minimum
you will receive:

  • Free prints
  • Live instant on screen view
  • Selfie Party Print App to download
  • Digital online viewable and downloadable gallery
  • Social media sharing

Have a look at what our packages can offer you and see what best suits your party
Party selfie photo booth
On Instagram, nearly 300 million photos are tagged with the hashtag “selfie,” a number that
is constantly increasing, 6 billion people have access to mobile phones, over a million selfies
are taken every day but only 2% are printed! With the increased attention of selfies it is only
right to make use of it and use it at a party selfie photo booth. All generations can get
involved and make the most of the app. The party selfie station can provide endless
amounts of fun and with our friendly staff we can make sure that no one leaves the party
without a photo. So get involved and book us today to avoid disappointment.

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