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Selfie photo booth

Gone are the days of the traditional photo booths with up to 6 people crammed in a box with
their props, not to mention the poor photo quality. We, at The Photo Team have moved to
the times where we provide a personal touch and provide our very own qualified
photographer to take the photos of up to 20 people in one shot, this is known as our famous
Open Photo Booth service. By thinking about what the future generation will appreciate we
have now created a genius service called SelfiePartyPrints, our very own selfie photo booth.
This doesn’t mean you are in an enclosed booth but in fact you as the guest have the full
control to take the selfie anywhere in the venue!
Selfie booth
The selfie photo booth is amazing for any event that you want to hold including modern
scavenger hunts rather than using a polaroid or disposable camera. The selfie booth has
been created so that it is easy to use from downloading the selfie app, to spending your time
taking selfies and being able to share and print your favourite ones. For the host there is also
a gallery of photos available for future use and just to keep as a memory.
Selfie station photo booth
All our photos are of exceptional quality and with a selfie station photo booth team on hand
at every event, they can answer any questions such as what will happen next, how to get
your instant prints or just to guide you with your smartphone. The selfie photo booth is a
modern answer to everyone’s day to day activity but the bonus is you can get a free
personalised print to keep.
Diy station photo booth
Our selfie booth is not provided anyone else in the market, so be the first to use this
innovative service. We have a range of packages to choose from so go ahead and pick one
that will suit your event. Our diy station photo booth will give you and your guests hours of
fun and you will not be left disappointed. So call us today to learn more about the selfie
photo booth on 0800 689 1001.

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