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Selfie station

As one of the largest photography agencies in the UK, we really know what we’re doing
when it comes to providing the very best services to our clients. All our photographers have
shown exceptional skill, dedication and passion for hard work. However, we have now
created a selfie station service of the name SelfiePartyPrints so no photographer will be
needed. The ownership and fun is with the guests who attend the event. They can take as
many selfies as they choose wherever they choose to in the venue. This means that at any
event the guests will have full autonomy and will be able to share photos via social media as
well as print photos as they wish. So, when you choose The Photo Team’s SelfiePartyPrints
know that you can expect a company providing modern and ingenuous ideas to fit the world
that we live in.
Selfie photo booth
Thanks to our exceptional service and great photographs many of our clients have used us
for our multiple services at one event and we are looking forward to bringing in
SelfiePartyPrints as one of our main services too. This selfie photo booth is very
multipurpose and is not only used for personal events but also to help businesses launch a
campaign and product. The selfie station is a one stop shop for fun, innovation and is so
easy to use.
Event selfie stations
When booking our more premium selfie station packages you are also receiving a bespoke
FREE picture guest book whereby guests can leave a personal message next to their print,
a Bespoke design Print Template as well as a Bespoke design SelfiePartyPrints app. It can
all be personalised to your needs and give your party that special touch.
Over the years we’ve worked with a lot of different clients, some large and some small;
we’ve even been fortunate enough to work with some well-known brands and household
names. However, regardless of whether you are a large corporation, a small start-up
business or even holding a personal event, you are guaranteed the same professional
service from our event selfie stations even if it doesn’t have a professional photographer on
hand. The active guests instead taking the reigns, showing how much they are enjoying your
event. To find out more about our SelfiePartyPrints service, get in touch. Contact us today
on 0800 689 1001.

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