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The story
The Photo Team have been in business for just over half a decade and have already tapped into the professional photography market by providing corporate, conference and PR photography as well as their successful add on services of the events paparazzi and the open photo booth. However, it has been apparent that with the ever growing “selfie party bus” we can not ignore the following facts:
  • The UK’s population is over 65 million, with a massive 92.6% of us having access to the Internet. Social media usage is through the roof, with over 38 million active social media users in 2016, which is 63% of the entire population this is growing even more in 2017.
  • 24 billion selfies were uploaded to Google last year.
  • As a nation we take 1 million selfies every day.
  • Plus only 2% of selfies only ever get printed!
This has what made the founders of The Photo Team create a new masterpiece as the selfie market is still booming and companies can use selfies to its advantage to help boost their sales or make their brand more known. There are brands out there that have already done this such as GoPro and Turkish Airlines however Selfie Party Prints can offer you a service which is much more than that in an easy and cost effective way.
The solution
Hire The Selfie Party Prints to:
  • Eliminate having a costly Business Development team.
  • Get instant social media sharing with specific hashtags to take people to your website and brand/service.
  • Gain immediate digital prints available for your customers after they have taken the selfie.
  • Get instant freebies for all customers in the form of a photo with your logo on the template so your customers are a walking advertisement as they admire their prints and attract other potential customers to have a go too! 
  • Obtain all selfies in one gallery for you and the customer to views.
  • Help you understand your customer’s needs. You will immediately see the demographics of customers who are likely to buy your brand and this can open up a whole new world for you. It will give you ideas of where next to launch an event based on age and gender. 
  • Increase your brand awareness around the UK and beyond.
  • Help you reach a new target audience.
  • Test the success of your brand awareness to see how many people have hit your website or even how many followers you get on social media.
Its a win-win situation.
The advantages of hiring Selfie Party Prints
Our staff will be on hand to ensure that all customers will understand how to download The Selfie Party Prints application, how to share the photo onto social media with the right hashtags including the location so your company gets the widest reach, we will additionally hand them the selfie photo and make the photos viewable instantly on a big screen. So the hard work is done by us to drive the best results and ensure your campaign is a success.
With selfies becoming more popular and all social media seeing ground breaking uploads each day, it’s time to take advantage of selfies and use them to help your business with the help of Selfie Party Prints.
You need a selfie business campaign to make your brand or service known and The Selfie Party Prints are the company to help you do this. 

The Photo Team

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