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Wedding Selfie Station

It is crucial to have entertainment at a wedding to avoid guests and children from getting
bored. At the planning stage, the bride and groom-to- be will see that there will be a lot of
quiet time during the day and the last thing you want is guests going home or looking
miserable. The easiest entertainment to have at any event and especially at a nuptial is the
wedding selfie station with The Photo Team’s SelfiePartyPrints.
Why should you book SelfieParty Prints?

  • This is an alternate to the disposable cameras placed on the tables and instead you
    are using advanced technology to provide swift results.
  • By booking our premium packages, your guests take over by downloading a
    personalised selfie app and clicking the night away which can be shared and printed
    for them and the guest book.
  • With the premium packages we can create a bespoke designed frame, logos or
    messages to add to the prints.
  • The wedding selfie station will take up minimal space.
  • Children will be able to even use their parent’s smart phone and join in on the fun.
  • Due to the wireless device you are not limited to where you can take the photo and
    can take a selfie with any background around the venue.
  • Guests will be creating their very own story for the bride and groom which can be
    added to the guest book.
  • The viewable gallery will also be an additional photo album for the happy couple.

Selfie station at wedding
Everyone loves a photo booth at a wedding but if you are limited for space the selfie station
at the wedding is the answer to your dilemma. All the wedding selfie station will need is small
space and the screen we provide will show a gallery of pictures that will display all images in
real time.
Wedding selfie booth
Everyone is driven by the desire to share images on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook
and with our generation completely into selfies, sharing the photos taken at a wedding selfie
booth goes without saying. The selfie will immediately be uploaded to the internet and
viewable for the guest’s contacts to see in one simple click of a button from the app. The
wedding selfie station will be a great a success for all to enjoy.
Wedding selfie photo booth
If you are wanting to know about each of our wedding selfie station packages and have
further questions about the wedding selfie photo booth then contact us online or call
SelfiePartyPrints on 0800 689 1001 or even filling in our online booking form.

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